gambleawareAs part of being an responsible online gambling portal, we want to take a little bit of time to tell our visitors about how to be safe whilst playing bingo online.

From our perspective there are two things you need to be aware of when it comes to being safe online. The first one is knowing your limits and stopping when games stop being fun. The second thing to be aware of is unscrupulous operators that don’t give you a decent enough chance of winning.

Stop When It’s No Longer Fun!

The first sign that you might have a problem with gambling is when you play bingo games and chase losses. If you lose big, and start to gamble more and more in an attempt to get back to even, then you are in risky territory and could be setting yourself up for an even bigger loss.

The big bingo operators have all got together to raise awareness for problem gambling. They want players to play within their limits and never lose more money than they would be comfortable losing. A good way to tell if you are gambling with too much money is would you be comfortable telling your spouse, parents or other family methods how much you are spending playing bingo games and slots? If the answer to that is no, then you may want to seek help. We recommend Gambleaware if you are having problems stopping playing bingo.

Only Play At Reputable Sites

There are two ways to tell if a site is reputable. The first is whether the site has approval of the UK Gambling Commission. You can find out this information by typically looking in the footer of a website and seeing whether it has it’s endorsement.

The second method is to see whether the site allows bingo players to deposit using PayPal. We wrote a good guide about this and suggest you check it out. It’s perhaps the #1 way to tell whether a site is trustworthy or not.

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